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Vancouver local does Grouse Grind 17 times in one day.

Yesterday, Tuesday June 20th 2017, around 45 people tackled the Multi- Grouse Grind event.

Ian Robertson set the bar high last year completing the grind a total of 16 times. This year he was determined to beat that and astonishingly completed it 17 times yesterday. Gaining 843M of elevation on each grind, Ian essentially climbed Mount Everest 1.6 times yesterday. INSANE…

Each contestant is given 19 hours to see how many times they are able to make it up! Between 45 contestant the Grouse Grind was climbed 434 times.

The best part about it? It is all in support for BC Childrens Hospital and managed to raise $22,000 this year.

Wonder if anyone will be able to top it next year?

Uwe Eggers

Hello! My name is Uwe Eggers. I am a content creator for 604Explore and am obsessed with running, hiking and camping.

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