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Tunnel Bluffs

The Tunnel Bluffs are located in Lions Bay. The hike starts out with an aggressive climb for the first 2km and flattens out from there. It boasts beautiful views of the Howe Sound and Sea To Sky Highway.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Distance: 8 KM Roundtrip
Time: 4 Hours
Elevation Gain: 650M
Dog Friendly: Yes
Cell Phone Signal: Yes on most of the trail
Water Access: 
No! Pack lots with


The trail head of this hike is right on the side of the Sea To Sky Highway. Directly off the highway is a ‘view point parking lot’ (photo below.) If you are coming from Vancouver (heading West down the Sea To Sky Highway) you will have to drive past this parking lot to a designated ‘U-Turn’ spot. This will then have you going East down the Sea To Sky Highway where you’ll then be legally able to pull into this view point parking lot and park. Just a heads up: there are limited spots in this parking spot so I would recommend staying away from this place all together on weekends during peak hiking hours. Go as early as possible if you want to get a spot!

How to find the trail head? Look directly across the street from where I am standing to take the above photo of the parking lot !! There is a sign there not to cross the highway, we do not condone doing this! But… you will need to get cross to access the trail.

Here’s the start of the trail. This rock with the map is about 20 feet from the highway into the bush! If you are facing this sign you will turn left to enter the trail and follow the tagging from there. The trail is extremely well marked from here.

How long will it take me? Totally depends on how often you exercise and on things like trail conditions and weather. Do allow yourself at least 4 hours to do this one as the first half is an aggressive climb. I run almost every single day and therefor was able to do this in about 2.5hrs.


1: Ten Essentials: Headlamp, Compass, Whistle, First Aid Supplies, Fire Starter, Emergency Blanket & Knife.
2: Required Clothing: Hiking backpack, Hiking boots, warm clothing (sweat resistant), gloves, toque, waterproof jacket.
3: Assorted Personal Items: Any medication your require, Extra Dry Clothing, Cell Phone, Sunscreen, Bug Repellent, Trekking Poles, Hand Sanitizer, Camera, Binoculars.

This is a super awesome hike: ENJOY 🙂

Uwe Eggers

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