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Inspiring safe enjoyment of the outdoors!

About Us

Want to experience British Columbia like never before? Follow us on our journey as we promote the outdoor lifestyle. We are based on the beautiful North Shore of Vancouver and many of our adventures start there. Our goal is to share our experiences while stressing the importance of safety. We believe focusing on the 10 Essentials for hiking & camping is an important place to start when heading into the outdoors to ensure safety and enjoyment.

Uwe Eggers

It’s weird how when you’re out in the wilderness you just forget about reality, life…. For a brief moment all the chaos stops as your mind is awed by its surroundings. It’s because of this my healthy addiction for the outdoors grew.

I’ve been doing a lot of hiking and trail running over the last few years during which I have amassed a lot of photos. Originally I just wanted a place to post my photos, so ‘604explore’ was started on Instagram. Since then its expanded into all major platforms and into this website! Thank-you for being a part of the movement.


René Boecking

Being outdoors is my happy place, it’s like one big canvas and it continually presents me with one beautiful painting after another. So naturally when Uwe approached me about taking 604explore to another level I was on board immediately! I also have a husky/malamute cross, “Rocky”, who loves to share these adventures with us (you can follow his escapades on his Instagram or Facebook account).  I look forward to sharing and learning on our journey with you all!

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