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Lynn Rene

Lynn Loop

Lynn Loop is located in the heart of Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. It is an easy hike which offers a scenic walk along Lynn Creek.  It is most easily accessed from End Of The Line Coffee Shop on Lynn Valley Road.


Quick Info:
Difficulty: Easy

Distance: 5.1KM Roundtrip + 3KM Roundtrip for deactivated service road. 8KM Total.
Time: 1-2 Hours

You’ll want to head North through the 3 way intersection at this coffee shop. In the past you would have been able to drive up this road but its currently out of commission due to safety reasons. So now you have to walk up to to reach Lynn Headwaters Park (roughly about 1.5KM each way.) So find parking around End of the Line Coffee Shop and get ready to start walking! You will follow this paved road and pass by gravel parking lots all the way up. After about 10-15 minutes you will arrive at the base of Lynn Headwaters park. At the very entrance of Lynn Headwaters there is a massive Gazebo with maps on the entire park underneath. Here you will see directions for Lynn Loop, Lynn Headwaters Loop, Norvan Falls and Coliseum Mountain. Super straight forward from there! Read the maps and make sure to pay attention to which trails are opened and closed (this will all be marked in that gazebo.)

1: Ten Essentials: Headlamp, Compass, Whistle, First Aid Supplies, Fire Starter, Emergency Blanket & Knife.
2: Required Clothing: Hiking backpack, Hiking boots, warm clothing (sweat resistant), gloves, toque, waterproof jacket.
3: Assorted Personal Items: Any medication your require, Extra Dry Clothing, Cell Phone, Sunscreen, Bug Repellent, Trekking Poles, Hand Sanitizer, Camera, Binoculars.

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