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Cleveland Dam 2

Capilano Pacific Trail

Capilano Pacific Trail is located in Capilano Regional Park. It is an moderate hike which offers a scenic view of Capilano Lake and the Two Lions.  It is most easily accessed from the Cleveland Dam parking lot.

Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 7.5 KM Roundtrip
Time: 2-3 Hours
Elevation Loss: 236 Meters 

Capilano Regional Park can be accessed from several locations, the easiest being the Cleveland Dam. The Cleveland Dam parking lot can be found at the top of Capilano Road- right before Nancy Greenway. Once you have parked your car make your way towards the Dam, while taking in the views of Capilano Lake and the two lions on your right (North.) While crossing the Dam make sure to have a look over on the left (South) where you will usually find water rushing out. There are many wonderful photo opportunities in this area.

Once you have crossed the Dam you will notice two trail heads to the left of you. This is where you will take ‘Palisades Trail’  for 400 Metres until you are able to turn right (West) onto ‘Capilano Pacific Trail.’ This entire hike is around 7.5KM and will take you along Capilano River, down to Ambleside Beach.

Note: Unless you intend on hiking back with the ‘Capilano Pacific trail’ (making it a 15KM Roundtrip) make sure you have the proper transportation arrangements. There are also several bus stops on Marine Drive by Ambleside that can take you back to the Cleveland Dam Parking lot.

 Recommended Gear:
1: Ten Essentials: Headlamp, Compass, Whistle, First Aid Supplies, Fire Starter, Emergency Blanket & Knife.
2: Required Clothing: Hiking backpack, Hiking boots, Warm Clothing (Sweat Resistant), Gloves, Toque, Waterproof Jacket.
3: Assorted Personal Items: Any medication your require, Extra Dry Clothing, Cell Phone, Sunscreen, Bug Repellent, Trekking Poles, Toilet Paper, Hand Sanitizer, Camera, Binoculars.


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