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The ultimate outdoors GPS watch


GPS watch talk.

Figuring out what watch to buy for my runs was actually a difficult trial and error process.

What were some of the things that were important to me in a running watch?
-GPS strength: As I spend a lot of time in between tree’s.
-Battery life: Sometimes my runs can be very long.
-HRM: Some of my training involves holding a certain bpm.
-Durability: Can it survive the abuse?
-Brand: Do they have good reviews / customer service for any issues?

I immediately was narrowed down to two products with my above guidelines. This was primarily because of the GPS strength and battery life requirements. No running watches come near these two in that department….

1) Garmin Fenix 3

2) Suunto Ambit 3

I spent hours reading and watching reviews trying to figure out which one of these two I would purchase. What I ended up doing was getting both and then returning the one that failed me.

VERDICT: What it came down to was GPS accuracy. For some reason the Garmin was having problems getting signal so some of my regular runs would end up showing up shorter than they really were (usually off by over 1KM.) This drove me absolutely nuts because I actually preferred the Garmin, especially because it looks better and has a colour screen. Accuracy was important for me so I ended up buying the Suunto and have never looked back… such an awesome piece of equipment!

PS: I know a ton of people who use the Garmin Fenix 3 and are extremely happy with it… maybe I just had a lemon. Anyways, it doesn’t hurt to try them both (most stores have good return policies now a days.)

Uwe Eggers

Hello! My name is Uwe Eggers. I am a content creator for 604Explore and am obsessed with running, hiking and camping.

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